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Quantum Speed Reading Course:
                                        Eligibility – Suitable and Ideal for kids between 6-15 years
                                        Duration – 2 Days Full + 12 Weeks technique
1. Super speed reading
                                                        2. High retention
                                                        3. Best for revision

The quantum speed reading is the course of three months. As we all know that reading engages the eyes, ears, mouth, and brain. Anyhow, speed perusing connects with these faculties considerably more than typical perusing on the grounds that you utilize your faculties and mental aptitude much all the more effectively. Speed Reading is the enhancement program which is based on the ultra-fast reading, memorizing & reproducing and hence the student perceives the ability to understand the process of the activation of the image, also, let our psyche to see an unmistakable picture and the methodology of picture simply like the connection of viewing motion pictures.
Astonishing steps to speed reading:

Reading engages the mind, eyes, mouth and ears, which together determines the speed. The objective of this three months of speed reading course is to enhance the skills of the child, so as to empower him/her for super speed reading, great memory retention and quicker revision.
The enhancement program is intended to help students in understanding the process of reading, which is about activating the images, allowing the psyche to take instantly recognizable picture and keeping the same in the memory, just like remembering motion pictures. The course will allow students and kids to understand the process of reading better, and thereby, they will see an enhancement in the memory function, retention of material and improve overall learning.
As the rapid advance of the fluctuations, the activation of the brain image function can able to let you to see the images in your eyes like watching the movies. On the other hand, the length of the impression of instability through an extraordinary ultra-perusing preparing, our brains will have the capacity to bit by bit adjust to thusly of perusing, see the content specifically from the reflected picture seeing, in this manner extraordinarily accelerating the perusing rate.
This course encourage changes in understudies scholastics execution, offset focus, enhances memory force, boosting of the certainty, creative ability, physical well being, enthusiastic remainder & over all learning.
There are four major steps to learn speed read:
·         Visualize
·         Natural vision
·         Relax
·         Daily practice
Visualize : This is again a very important step to do speed reading. Through visualization process, the child visualize the content & able to tell it in his own words. He is able to reiterate the same after visualizing the images & content & than imagine & reproducing the whole story in his own words.
Natural Vision : With regular vision you utilize your entire field of vision (fringe vision) to catch vast pieces of print on a page. You not only see 3 to 12 words per line, but you also see 3 to 8 lines of print at once also.
Relax : Normally, when people concentrate on something they focus their minds on something and become somewhat mentally tense; but with speed reading it is different. To get a maximum understanding of the speed reading, one must be relaxed while concentrating (visualizing). One can get a vibe for this casual feeling in the wake of doing the easygoing perusing activity. When you get a vibe for how to legitimately unwind while envisioning, it will get to be less demanding at whatever point you do velocity perusing.
Daily practice : The significance of every day rehearse can’t be disregarded. After numerous velocity perusing classes, one pattern has gotten to be self-evident: Those who hone every day get to be decent at rate perusing; however while the individuals who disregard it don’t do great in it. This is a completely new technique for reading book without looking at the pages. It was firstly developed in Japan. It is by all accounts extremely surprising in light of the fact that the greater part of us who adapted just to peruse books by perusing a page at once they can read it by basically flipping the pages. It can likewise be used in a few other imaginative routes for retaining anything. This has Basic, Medium, Advance Level.​

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