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Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style.Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).

We have four different kind of Psychometric test for Individuals- 

1.Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test:Eugene Burke, an occupational psychologist at SHL, the world leader in psychometric assessment said: “The term ‘psychometric assessment’ simply means the measurement of a person’s talents and covers motivation and aptitudes as well and how these talents best match a role in an organization.This model is based on MI model of Howard Gardner and talks about 9 (nine different multiple Intelligences) and 5 different Brain Quiotents.It also gives a deep insight on 300 different carriers of an Individual.

2.Psychological Screening Inventory (PSI): The PSI is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. Jung found recognizable and repeated patterns in behaviors linked to our conscious perceiving of the world, our decision making about the world, our attitudes toward life, and our relationship to the expectations of the world. The pattern it evolves is very similar to the more famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test; it is sometimes also called the mini MBTI. The MBTI attempts to measure how people usually behave. The PSI measures how people would prefer to behave. We believe this unveils a style closer to the true nature of the individual’s personality style

3.Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): TAT is a method of revealing to the trained interpreter some of the dominant drives, emotions, sentiments, complexes and conflicts of a personality. Special value resides in its power to expose the underlying inhibited tendencies which the subjects, or patients, is not willing to admit, or can not admit because he is unconscious of them.

4.Richmond Survey Instrument (RSI): Edgar Schein developed the idea of career anchors. Career anchors are what people most want out of a career and what ultimately drives to take final decision. The modified career driver’s instrument is based on 9 major heads: Money, Power, Meaning, Expertise, Innovation, Social Affiliation, Autonomy, Security and Status



Psychometric testing is a measurement process used by employers to provide object measures of one or more psychological characteristics. Characteristics such as ability, aptitude and attainment can be assessed by psychometric tests; personal qualities such as beliefs, values, interests, personality can also be assessed. For more information on psychometric testing, visit the British Psychological Society


Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test

Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test is done to Evaluate the Multiple Intelligence of the child based on his Area of Interest. Where As DMIT is done to Evaluate the Multiple Intelligence of the child based on Finger Print Analysis, showing his or her Inborn Talent. Many Times, a student selects his career under the influence of his or her Parents/Friends/Teachers etc which ultimately leads to improper career selection. It is very important for Parents to Understand that Every Child is unique, talented and is capable to excel if he or she is allowed to Excel in his Area of Interest. As such, a Predefined Career should not be imposed on the child. We at MemoryAndBrains help children to unleash their potential and talent with proven scientific methodology like Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test.

Benefits of Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test

It helps to Evaluate the Multiple Intelligence of the child based on his Area of Interest.
It helps to find out the best suitable stream for child based on your Area of interest. As such it makes academic and career choices easier.
Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test enables parents to understand their child better, helping them to communicate in a more effective way.
Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test helps parents to understand the capacities and nature of the child, so that they can offer the child with the appropriate learning habit that suits with the child’s inclinations and capacities as per his or her Area of Interest.
The test at the same time highlights the points of weakness of a child’s and can be highly effective to help the parents in providing proper support for developing those weaker arenas.
Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test offers a comprehensive report on Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Creative Quotient as well as Adversity Quotient of an individual, which can be highly helpful for development of the person in personal and professional life.

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