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ESP Photographic Memory Course:

                                                Eligibility – Suitable and Ideal for kids between 6-15 years
                                                Duration – 2 Days Full + 12 Weeks technique

                                                Benefits: Photographic Memory
                                                Memory Power Improvement
                                                Brain Power Improvement
                                                Concentration Improvement

A photographic, memory involves being able to recall images, names, words, and numbers with extreme precision. Having a strong memory relies on neuroplasticity of the brain, or the brain’s ability to reorganize itself over time by breaking and forming new connections. As some fortunate people are already born with an extremely sharp memory, others struggle to remember what they ate for lunch the day before. To improve photographic memory there are sure things you can do to altogether enhance your capacity to review data. Photographic memory is a term regularly used to depict an individual who appears to be ready to review visual data in awesome point of interest. Generally as a photo solidifies a minute in time, the suggestion for individuals thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental depictions and afterward review these previews without lapse. This preparation is loaded with imagination and planned in play way system with heaps of fun and pleasure. This has fundamental, medium, development level.
Only a few fortunate people in the world are blessed with extreme memory power, where there are able to recall images, numbers, words with tremendous accuracy. It much depends on how the brain can connect and relate the memories to have long lasting impression. Photographic memory is all about retaining and recalling visual memory with great precision. The aim of this extensive course is to help students in bettering the way they deal with Photographic memory.
Photographic memory is a term often used to describe a person who seems able to recall visual information in great detail. Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time, the implication for people thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental snapshots and then recall these snapshots without error. 
The Advantages of the Course
The course will feature two days of complete training, where the students will be taught with the ways of remembering visual memories with immense exactitude. This course intends to help kids in the way they retain their memories in the photo/visual format, with special focus on bettering the memory function. There are different levels – fundamental, medium, development, which will help the kids even further with their learning process. Students will also see improvement in the concentration power and the way they deal with day-to-day events and memories.

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