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Crystal Healing Workshop

Crystals are chemical substances that are formed due to water trapped between the layers f earth or due to the fast cooling of the lava The internal structure of the crystals is so regularly formed that they display highly organized electromagnetic fields. The law being that the energy always flows from high areas to low areas to balance the energy everywhere. Hence the crystals due to their highly organized fields help us organize our erratic and low electromagnetic fields.


For this reason only “sphatik” or quartz crystal has been used in Hindu religion as a prayer rosary or as a Shivling since ancient times. Crystal power can be enhanced by chanting mantras or giving affirmations to the crystals. This is the reason that in astrology crystals were associated with planets and used to heal various aspects like luck, marriage, anger etc. The crystals also associate with chakra healing in terms of their colors. The crystals can be precious like diamond, ruby or semi precious like peridot, turquoise or non precious like quartz and its variety. The cost is vastly different for the three varieties. In the course we work with the non precious ones being quartz and its group.


The Crystal Healing courses are based on two major properties of the crystals. Crystals have a programmable memory and crystals are energy amplifiers as they store fire in their structure. Both properties can be practically demonstrated.


The crystals can thus be used for healing at physical and emotional levels. Crystals are also used as wish fulfilling stones. Basic Crystal healing courses offer complete understanding of the crystals and their properties demonstrated in a practical way. The course also offers the details about using crystals in our day to day life for all types of healing and wish fulfillment. The course includes practical training and a crystal manual.


The advanced course offers detailed knowledge on special arrangements of crystals which are capable of creating higher energies for application in various healings. These arrangements are used frequently in alternative healing therapies like Reiki. The crystal healing can be wonderfully combined with the other alternative therapies to combine and enhance the effect of both the therapies.

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